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Torch Repair - For all of your gas welding repair needs

Torch Repair has been servicing the needs of our customers since 1972. We offer repair and rebuild services for all of your gas welding and regulating needs.
We have long serviced both individuals and supply houses with quality service at a good price. Quick turnarounds and individual attention are important to us.

Supply Houses - add an additional revenue stream with no overhead to you

Add repair services to your business with no overhead to you. Adding a repair service to your offerings help to keep your customers happy and expands your client base. We can offer pickup and delivery for our customers in the area and UPS delivery is a good option for those further away. Ask us about our special pricing for our supply house partners.

With over 30 years of experience under our belts, we are able to repair most equipment as long as parts are currently available. Beware of services that claim to be "Factory Certified" while there are schools that teach this stuff, none of the manufacturers offer 'certifications'. Be assured that we will repair your equipment to a minimum of industry standards.