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Torch Repair Services

We offer repair and built out services for all of your gas welding and regulating needs. From rebuild and repair of your existing equipment to building your specialty torches. In most cases we can custom build your specialty torches for significantly less than what you would pay retail.

When your equipment enters our facility, it is visually inspected for any obvious defects. The piece is then disassebled and cleaned for further inspection. All normal disposable parts are replaced as well as any other defective parts that were discovered during the repair process. Your piece is then pressure tested and live tested on the bench before it is made ready for its return to service for you.

The Repair Process

A brief photo example of the repair process once your damaged equipment arrives at our shop.


Our competitive flat price plan covers most of your basic repairs. This plan covers most common wear points on the equipment. Occasionally some equipment requires additional or extrodinary repairs that require additional charges. When this occurs the customer has complete control over how much is spend on the repair.